Why is a ‘Weekly Meeting’ an important part of business networking?

Why is a ‘Weekly Meeting’ an important part of business networking?

“To be successful in business, you need to do 6 things a thousand times, not a thousand things 6 times. Meeting every week is a six-things-a-thousand times strategy.” … Dr Ivan Misner

Business networking is a marketing exercise. Successful marketing leads to Sales, and sales lead to business success, profit, and growth. For that reason, business networking is something that works best when you make a commitment to it, schedule it into your business calendar, and show your network colleagues that you are serious about your business, and about finding business opportunities for them.

If I can find business for you – then I know that you’ll do your best to find business for me …

But – How do I know that? How do I get to feel confident that I can put you in front of my number one client and I’ll not regret it? Easy!

  • Meet with me regularly, let me hear the passion you have for your business!
  • Tell me about your successes and how you have helped your customers.
  • Let me see the confidence you have in your product.
  • Educate me about your products

And, most of all, let me see you refining that short presentation that shows me how to refer you and your products to my customers.

“I try to make the BYOL call every week. As we all know: much of business is about building relationships and trust, and that comes with time invested. Regular attendance means I learn more about others so I can recommend them honestly, not just "because we've met", and vice-versa.” – Dominic Tyler Junari.

Someone once told me that a business network meeting was like a weekly sales meeting – and you are the Sales Manager giving your ‘team’ the ammunition needed to go out and sell for your company.

That’s a crude but accurate analogy, and it does beg the question …

‘If you as the Sales Manager don’t turn up to the sales meetings, how well do you expect your company to do?’

The same can be said of being vague about what you are wanting to achieve. A weekly meeting with your peers is also a good opportunity to get a more complete picture of what’s happening in the various markets that you work in. Perhaps you’ll hear of an opening into a business segment that’s new to you.

"The meetings are not only a good way to increase your own exposure, but also a chance to discover the skills and talents of others around you. And by regularly meeting face-to-face, when you do get a chance to work together, it all seems much easier." Brad Ashton

“Active networking is a vital part of my business growth. It’s about building good long-term relationships and having the interconnected business at BYOL that will not only give me business leads but a wealth of knowledge. The fantastic advice from experienced peers on slack is another benefit from the BYOL Network – discussing common challenges and offering genuine assistance to each other in slack also sets strong foundations for receiving support in return.” Lesley McDowell (Fortuna FX)

Finally, repetitive behaviour is key to keeping your colleague’s businesses at the front of your mind, and it builds a habit of learning and engagement which puts you on the path to success.

Our 6 Top Tips to Effective Network Marketing

1)     Engage with your weekly networking meet as part of your Sales & Marketing strategy.

2)     Schedule it as you would for any serious business meeting.

3)     Don’t be nervous about your presentations – you are amongst friends.

4)     Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want (who you want a meeting with?) as you’d be surprised how many times someone will know a path to the door.

5)     Building relationships takes time – but the best business will come to you as referrals from people who know you and know what you are capable of.

6)     Stick at it! Visibility and credibility will lead to profitability.

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