public relations

Public Relations to build your Reputation

tell your story

Every business has a story to tell whether that's about it's innovation, challenges, or people. Get your's told.

manage media relations

We'll build and manage relationships with journalists interested in what your business has to say.

establish & maintain your reputation

Your reputation is everything. PR can establish your reputation with your audience, maintain it and manage it if things go wrong.

increase exposure to your audience

PR is a valuable channel that isn't just for big business. Utilising it can add an extra dimension to your marketing activity and create additional interest in your business.

Choose the plan for your business

PR isn’t just for large businesses. Small and medium sized businesses can reap the benefits of investing too. With our team looking after your PR, you can be sure that your stories will be told and your reputation is in good hands.


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Frequently asked questions

 PR is activity that builds, maintains and protects your reputation with your key audiences. When your PR is integrated with your marketing it becomes a poswerful channel in your mix.

Good PR provides the opportunity to tell the stories in your business to a wider audience, where they consume information. So you can speak to the people you want to buy from. PR isn’t a slaes pitch, it allows you to show more to your audience about who and what you are, and that builds trust.

We combine our experience and knowledge of publications with a platform built to manage PR. So we’ll research the publications in your sector and create lists of the journalists who will be interested in your business. Not only that, but journalists regularly put out requests, so we’ll put you forward for the right opportunities

Not any more. PR, like so many aspects of business, has gone digital as well. And that’s great news for your business. Most printed publications have an online presence, and that’s good for your SEO. Not only that, but more and more people are reading online, so we make sure that we’re up to date with the latest industry knowledge.

Don’t worry, when we know that a journalist want to speak to you, or even invite you onto the tv or radio, we’ll brief you on what to expect, and how best to conduct your interview.

Yes it is. Printed media is measured in advertising equivalent value(what it would cost in a publication to buy advertising space). And of course any online PR is measurable using analytics tools to track your traffic

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